Xokoban is my (C++) sokoban game for X11. Here's a list of it's features:
  • Undo's right back to your first move
  • Go to any level - you don't have to play them in order
  • recording of solutions. If you solve a level or find a better solution, the new solution will be remembered
  • can show the solution for any level, if one has been found
  • a demo mode which shows all solutions or levels
  • a nice-looking game board with a configurable color scheme, 4 are included.

Note it may not compile these days as it was written ages ago (more than 7 years ago) and needs a bit of work to compile with modern compilers/systems.
If you just want to play sokoban, try my javascript sokoban page.


Software downloads are released under the GNU GPL. All downloads and related files are released "as is" and their use is entirely at your own risk.


Here's a screenshot showing a level from an excellent PC game called BoxWorld (by Jeng-Long Jiang). search for it